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Community Matters

We Are More Than A Women's Activewear Brand


It is critical to Devigi Activewear to be part of a community. We like to work face to face as a team with our customers, suppliers, associates, and employees. The success and health of our customers matters and for that reason, we love to meet at gyms, exercise expos and pop-up shops and hear your stories. We have built a community of suppliers and gym partners who either carry Devigi Women’s Activewear or places we go for pop-up shops.

Most recently, we expanded our pop-up model to fundraising events as customers asked us to host a ladies shopping brunch or afternoon shopping happy hour. For Devigi it has been a great opportunity to continue to build our community of customers and to give back as each of these events raises money for a critical non-profit. At the Devigi Activewear showroom we host a shopping event and return 20% of sales to the organization promoting the event.

Giving back to the causes that motivate our customer is not only rewarding but continues to build the community that makes kicking up the intensity so valuable. We strive to be more than an activewear brand, we strive to give back and pay it forward.