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Love Yourself First

This Valentine's Season, Give Yourself Your Love First

Love it or hate it (but who really loves it?), Valentine’s Day is a unique source of pressure, emotionally and financially. For those of us who find ourselves alone during this season, it’s a stark reminder of love’s elusiveness. And for those lucky enough to share it with a beloved significant other, it’s a challenge to prove your love and devotion through a clever card, decadent chocolates or surprise weekend getaway. Regardless of which above category you fall into, your first and foremost obligation should be to LOVE YOURSELF. How can you give your love and devotion to another without first appreciating your own value and deserving respect? Don’t fall into the trap of putting others’ needs above your own all the time. While it shows strong devotion to attempt this, it is an unhealthy approach to love and can often cause issues within a relationship. Without a strong sense of self respect, your object of desire may be turned off by your need to please or a perceived lack of confidence.

Those who do show high self esteem tend to achieve better results in the work place, in their appearances and in their love lives. A healthy self esteem can also push someone to want to be even better, to fully pursue the happiness they know they deserve. This is at the core principle of Devigi Women’s Activewear. When you know you look good and have the self esteem necessary, you push yourself to go the extra mile, to do that extra rep. A healthy exercise regimen can go a long way to nurturing a healthy self esteem.

So go ahead and devote your time this Valentine’s Season to your special loved one, but don’t forget that to love and truly be loved by another, start with your own heart.