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The Boost of Confidence

“The eyes of others our prisons; their thoughts our cages.” ― Virginia Woolf


The benefits of exercise and clean living are much reported on and widely known, though still seemingly unattainable to a large percentage of the American populace. Obesity in America is still stubbornly high and on the rise around the world. Lethargy, high-stress jobs and sedentary work places are among the many modern factors to blame. Another not widely discussed factor is confidence in appearance. When we feel confident in the way we look, we tend to perform at a higher than expected rate, to excel where we may have only just gotten by before.
This is at the core of the mission statement here at Devigi® . At Devigi® , we feel that when you look good, you feel good and will have that extra bounce to your step, you will push out the extra set, run the extra mile, hit that extra spinning class. At Devigi® we do not want you to simply do your workout; we want you to Reach for Intensity.
This boost of confidence that Devigi® apparel provides is sewn into the garments, in their design and concept, in their flow and drape and in their overall performance. We want to encourage all women of all body types to feel and look their best in order to push themselves that extra mile to achieve their exercise goals. It’s also well-reported that those who exercise tend to feel more confident in their personal lives! Wearing Devigi® women’s activewear not only boost your confidence to exercise, but the exercise achieved wearing Devigi® activewear can then also boost your confidence even further! A continuing cycle of confidence building that will have you performing at your utmost.
Whatever your goals, remember that Devigi®  is here to help you achieve them!