Devigi® comes from the universal language Esperanto, meaning “compel” or “drive”

We, at Devigi®, are delivering the apparel that compels you to intensify your workouts.


When you look good, you feel good and will have that extra bounce to your step, you will push out the extra set, run the extra mile, hit that extra spinning class. At Devigi® we do not want you to simply do your workout; we want you to Reach for Intensity.

For many women, heading to the gym or working out is intimidating because they don’t yet look “gym ready.” Devigi® apparel drapes elegantly across the body emphasizing the right curves. With fabric that not only performs exceptionally but drapes elegantly, Devigi® products fit and flatter sizes from 0 to 18. In Devigi® clothes, you will no longer be shy about hitting the gym or heading from the gym to the store.

Founded by a Ph.D. in sport technology, Devigi® is continually exploring the variety in fabric performance to provide the apparel that feels great, drapes perfectly, and performs outstandingly!

Composite bamboo fabrics are great for workout apparel as bamboo is naturally thermal regulating, anti-microbial, and UV protecting. By combining bamboo fibers with cottons, polys, and spandex, Devigi® delivers the performance materials that will survive the toughest cross-training class and look great at the coffee shop.

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