Our Story

We launched Devigi® in 2013 after noticing how chic ladies were power strolling in frumpy t-shirts. When we look good and feel great, we kick up the intensity of our workouts. In fitness, the increased intensity delivers results. Most people see friends, neighbors, clients, potential employers etc. during their workouts or in transition from gym to street. Couldn’t the right fabric and design deliver performance advantages and a flattering fit? Devigi® answered that question with an unequivocal “yes”!

Turning that “yes” into a product and a company became a multi-generational family challenge. The three generations of Gelbergs bring years of experience and knowledge to the table. This includes the grandmother, a corporate attorney for over 30 years with expertise in family businesses and start-up companies, the mother Gelberg, possessing a Ph.D. in sport technology and an entrepreneurial spirit, and the daughter Gelberg, who has her pulse on the latest trends and social media. To turn our dream into a reality, we needed production partners, pattern digitizers, sample makers and a sales and marketing strategy.

We leveraged our network of connections to find local businesses in garment production, gyms to host pop-up shops, and community events to sponsor and connect to our customers.  Family businesses are all about everyone pitching in to do whatever it takes to make the business work. In addition to the three of us who primarily work on Devigi®, other family members lift and load inventory for pop up shops, measure new patterns for consistency, and everyone works for long hours at events to make sure our customers find the most flattering fitness apparel.