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5 Tips for Successful Fitness Resolutions!

You can do it!

You know the drill: every year at 12AM on Jan 1st, your life is supposed to change dramatically and all your weaknesses and foibles will magically melt away and a new you will spring forth into the night air! Well, unfortunately for all of us, that never actually happens. We make promises to ourselves that we soon after discard with the leftover turkey and champagne bottles. Whether your resolutions are financial, emotional, social or physical, they can be tough to keep and maintain. Here are some tips to keep your resolutions this year and build on them for the next!

  1. Be Reasonable – Sometimes, we’re a little hard on ourselves. Yes, running a marathon is an amazing goal, but if you struggle to reach one mile currently, maybe work on that one mile until it becomes easy. Focus on making the small changes you can then begin to build upon. Don’t set a goal that will be sure to frustrate you right out of the gate. Remember, to want to be better is to be better.
  2. Allow for Growth – While you begin small, allow that you can begin to grow that initial goal slowly and when you’re ready. If your goal is to run a mile comfortably, once that is achieved, try running a bit further without measuring the distance. Your body will know what it can do and you should listen to it. If a workout doesn’t leave you feeling fulfilled, begin to push forward incrementally.
  3. Be Consistent – A quality resolution is one that does not end but simply becomes a normal part of your lifestyle. If you challenge yourself with a reasonable goal, stick to it! Once it becomes habit, you can look to improve elsewhere and feel yourself becoming what you’ve strived for.
  4. Focus Only On You – Disregard what anyone else is doing and focus on what you are doing. We are all different physically and emotionally. That new fad diet of artisanal twigs and berries from Greece your office co-worker is using may work for her but if it doesn’t sound right for you, it probably isn’t. Know your body and be honest with yourself. If you can’t cut out sweets, simply cut BACK. Absolutely can’t cut out caffeine? Simply limit your intake. Remember: be reasonable!
  5. Drink Water and Sleep – While these may seem obvious, most Americans don’t receive enough of either. Without enough water and quality sleep, our bodies don’t perform well physically or mentally. And if you are not performing at a high levels, you will be less likely to push yourself to keep your goals. 8 seems to be the magic number with both elements: 8 80z cups of water (not fruit drinks, not sports drinks, WATER) a day and at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

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