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Reach For Intensity

Devigi® women’s activewear has a slogan we like to utilize from time to time: Reach for Intensity. It is our desire to inspire women to feel good about themselves in our activewear so that they pursue a healthy and fit lifestyle. This is a simple mission, one that we’re passionate about. But what does ‘Reach… READ MORE »

5 Tips On Joining A New Gym

Understanding How a Gym Works is the First Step

One of the defining characteristics of Devigi as a company is the desire to empower women to lead a more healthy and fit lifestyle. Our clothing is specifically designed to help women feel more confident in their appearance so that they can muster the fortitude to achieve their fitness goals. One of the sometimes overlooked… READ MORE »

Love Yourself First

This Valentine's Season, Give Yourself Your Love First

Love it or hate it (but who really loves it?), Valentine’s Day is a unique source of pressure, emotionally and financially. For those of us who find ourselves alone during this season, it’s a stark reminder of love’s elusiveness. And for those lucky enough to share it with a beloved significant other, it’s a challenge… READ MORE »

5 Tips for Successful Fitness Resolutions!

You can do it!

You know the drill: every year at 12AM on Jan 1st, your life is supposed to change dramatically and all your weaknesses and foibles will magically melt away and a new you will spring forth into the night air! Well, unfortunately for all of us, that never actually happens. We make promises to ourselves that… READ MORE »

The Boost of Confidence

“The eyes of others our prisons; their thoughts our cages.” ― Virginia Woolf   The benefits of exercise and clean living are much reported on and widely known, though still seemingly unattainable to a large percentage of the American populace. Obesity in America is still stubbornly high and on the rise around the world. Lethargy,… READ MORE »

Community Matters

We Are More Than A Women's Activewear Brand

  It is critical to Devigi Activewear to be part of a community. We like to work face to face as a team with our customers, suppliers, associates, and employees. The success and health of our customers matters and for that reason, we love to meet at gyms, exercise expos and pop-up shops and hear… READ MORE »

Kick Up The Intensity

Tips to get the most out of your training regimen by gradually increasing your work out volume at your own pace

As the kids go back to school and the summer beach trips turn into fall hikes it’s a good time to set new goals and find new motivation. I realized myself six weeks ago that I had gotten a bit lax with my eating discipline and workout intensity that if I wanted to be ready… READ MORE »


Look Good – Feel Great – Kick Up the Intensity

How do we stay motivated to exercise when the mornings are dark and grey and our commitment to our new years resolutions starts to fade? Get dressed!  Pick a women’s exercise apparel that flatters your body, feels good, makes you smile and gives you that extra bounce to your step.  That bounce makes your run a bit faster,… READ MORE »

Lifestyle Resolutions

Take the long view this year.

The new year is typically a time to reflect on the past year while making plans to better yourself for the next. For us here at Devigi, our goals remain constant: keep connected to our customers by building upon our fanbase. Deliver excellence in product and customer service. Empower people to Reach For Intensity! Our suggestion to our… READ MORE »

Holiday Fitness

There are many ways to stay fit over the holidays

Devigi women’s activewear wants you to kick up the intensity over the holidays! Most of us get distracted with family, cooking, parties, shopping, decorating, traveling and to-do lists over the holidays. Finding time to get in a workout seems impossible. Step one is to make a commitment to ourselves to enjoy the holiday season but keep… READ MORE »