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Reach For Intensity

Devigi® women’s activewear has a slogan we like to utilize from time to time: Reach for Intensity. It is our desire to inspire women to feel good about themselves in our activewear so that they pursue a healthy and fit lifestyle. This is a simple mission, one that we’re passionate about. But what does ‘Reach for Intensity’ really mean to us? What is it about the last workout that left us wanting more, the need to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones? To push the boundaries of what we thought possible? It is different in anyone who seeks to better themselves through a fitness regimen. The desire to be better. The true desire to get the most out of life and feel great while doing it.

For us here at Devigi®, ‘Reach for Intensity’ is the inherent need we have to strive for excellence in all aspects of life, but especially in tuning our bodies, our vessels. The ancient Greeks had a name for this pursuit of excellence: arete. The Greeks believed in arete, or the ultimate pursuit of perfection in all aspects of life. The need to pursue excellence, to ‘Reach for Intensity’ is in all of us. Sometimes we forget or lose our way in our pursuit, but here at Devigi® women’s activewear, we want to remind and inspire you to remember why you are on that treadmill, why you need to run that extra mile, why you are pushing for those extra reps. Though perfection is not necessary or maybe even attainable, the pursuit of perfection is a noble cause. Reach for it.