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Lifestyle Resolutions

Take the long view this year.

The new year is typically a time to reflect on the past year while making plans to better yourself for the next. For us here at Devigi, our goals remain constant: keep connected to our customers by building upon our fanbase. Deliver excellence in product and customer service. Empower people to Reach For Intensity!

Our suggestion to our fans is much the same. Make lifestyle promises not new years commitments. Keep promises simple and doable. Choose exercise activities that challenge you and keep working to remain challenged. Always Reach For Intensity in your workout and in all aspects of your life!

  1. Add one cardio workout a week. Build on your existing workout regimen, or use this as variation.
  2. Integrate weights into your regimen.
  3. Make healthy eating a lifestyle choice, not a diet plan.
  4. Eat less and focus on fresh foods, as opposed to harmful, processed food.
  5. Eat manageable bites and enjoy your food. Our taste appreciation declines after 5 bites – save even small portions for snacks.
  6. Focus on protein and leafy greens. See our last blog post on how to get the most benefits out of your food here.
  7. Go to bed earlier. Getting enough sleep and quality sleep should be the cornerstone of any healthy living approach.
  8. Remember to forgive yourself; don’t let guilt lead to discouragement. Forgive yourself to become empowered.
  9. Finally, when you approach your daily life, slow down. Life goes by fast enough, learn to appreciate the moment.

As we make our way through this new year, remember to remain optimistic. The fact that you want to better yourself means you already have.