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Kick Up The Intensity

Tips to get the most out of your training regimen by gradually increasing your work out volume at your own pace

As the kids go back to school and the summer beach trips turn into fall hikes it’s a good time to set new goals and find new motivation. I realized myself six weeks ago that I had gotten a bit lax with my eating discipline and workout intensity that if I wanted to be ready for beach season next year and get back to my target weight, I had to kick it up.

Instead of jumping from a basic workout routine and generally eating well into a butt kicking intense training regimen, I set small goal for each week and kept adding to them. Week one I added two spin classes a week and week two I added two barre classes a week. By week three, I committed to myself that I would get a good workout in five days a week and I wrote it in a paper calendar (not an app). If I couldn’t make a class, I ran or did a rowing machine. I focused on not leaving an empty calendar day. Week four I added a short run after barre and week five I stopped eating after 8pm and skipped sweet snacks. We are now on week six and I have added a daily ab routine and I write that in my notebook too. By setting small new commitments each week, I accomplished my goals with confidence and pride.

Sometimes a new routine can grow with mini-steps as opposed to a dramatic change that may be hard to maintain. Our goal at Devigi is to help you kick up the intensity of your workouts with our body complimenting women’s apparel and activewear. It is ok to go from a walk to a jog to a run to a set of sprints. You don’t need to start sprinting out of the gate.