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Look Good – Feel Great – Kick Up the Intensity

How do we stay motivated to exercise when the mornings are dark and grey and our commitment to our new years resolutions starts to fade?

Get dressed!  Pick a women’s exercise apparel that flatters your body, feels good, makes you smile and gives you that extra bounce to your step.  That bounce makes your run a bit faster, gives an extra rep to your lift, a bump in your heartrate training and a few extra calories burned. When the mirror flatters, you won’t frump, worry about who you see, or question your energy level.  Thus, step one to the morning motivation is flattering women’s workout apparel – workout apparel that makes you proud.

Getting dressed is only step one.  Step two, if you are looking great but still struggling to motivate, give yourself permission to do a light workout.  When I don’t want to go for a run, I commit to a light jog.  If I allow myself to do only a light jog, I get started, get moving, and soon enough, that jog turns into a run.

When you finish that workout, celebrate with a post workout shower.  Focus on the feeling of muscle exhaustion, accomplishment of completing that workout, and freedom from mental stress.  Sometimes the motivation to start is the euphoria of the finish.  Sometimes the motivation is simply the cozy soft sweatpants you have earned.