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Holiday Fitness

There are many ways to stay fit over the holidays

Devigi women’s activewear wants you to kick up the intensity over the holidays! Most of us get distracted with family, cooking, parties, shopping, decorating, traveling and to-do lists over the holidays. Finding time to get in a workout seems impossible. Step one is to make a commitment to ourselves to enjoy the holiday season but keep our fitness goals in mind. “In mind” does not mean feeling guilty for eating a cookie or depressed if we can’t wake up at 5am for a run. “In mind” means we know come January we will want to start our new years resolutions within range of our goals. Thus, eat one cookie but don’t feel so guilty that you have two or three because “it doesn’t matter anyway.”

Just as we should not let cookies become a derailing issue, not having time for a whole workout should not keep us from adding fitness into our daily activities. Squats, lunges, abs, and pushups do not require gym memberships or nice weather. Without adding a full sweat exercise session into a busy day, try three sets of crunches, planks, plies, toe lifts, and pushups before a shower or getting ready for bed. Make sure while driving, cooking, and brushing your teeth you keep your shoulders back and down, working your back muscles, and contracting your abs. Kitchen counters work well for isometrics and a barre. Working your muscles throughout the day will not only keep them strong but will keep you focused on staying healthy through the holidays.

Feeling good about yourself will keep you happy, healthy, and energized to be your best self over the holidays. Drink plenty of water! While you hear that all the time, dry air, busy days, holiday parties all can lead to dehydration. Drinking water is the most efficient way to stay energized, feeling healthy and minimize snacking. Water can help keep weight gain in check and so can a “no eating before bed” rule. When you get home from that holiday party, have water, stretch and get ready for bed. Stay away from the fridge! Before-bed calories can do extra damage as they are not getting burned off as efficiently and keep your body from torching energy stores.


Not eating will not only reduce calorie intake,Staying the course is not about being perfect but about finding opportunities to integrate muscle work into your day. This will ensure you are ready in January to tackle your exercise and fitness goals.