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5 Tips On Joining A New Gym

Understanding How a Gym Works is the First Step

One of the defining characteristics of Devigi as a company is the desire to empower women to lead a more healthy and fit lifestyle. Our clothing is specifically designed to help women feel more confident in their appearance so that they can muster the fortitude to achieve their fitness goals. One of the sometimes overlooked aspects of fitness is the ‘joining the gym’ experience. For those new to a gym or health club, joining can often times be intimidating. Here are a few tips that may help those who are interested in starting their fitness mission at a new gym, health club or other fitness facility.

  1. Talk to the Staff – Sometimes, the simplest answer is the best answer. Do not be afraid to talk to gym staffers, that is why they are there! If you have questions about the equipment, the available classes or a customized exercise schedule for yourself, ask at the front desk! Most gym staff are eager to please and help new and existing customers and can be incredible helpful. A lot of gyms post class schedules, exercise routines, personal trainer information, etc on their websites or community walls. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!
  2. The Customer is Always Right – In conjunction with ‘Talk to the Staff’, if you find staff members to be unhelpful or rude, then that is not the gym for you. Don’t blame yourself if you have a hard time understanding certain gym aspects or if a staffer just seems downright rude. If these problems occur it is not because you did not do something right, it’s because the gym failed you. If you feel slighted, make it known. If you’re determined to join a certain gym, talk to a manager about your experience. Nine times out of ten, it will just have been a misunderstanding. Gyms exist to help their customers and most do a great job of doing exactly that. If you remain silent, however, it becomes harder to help and alleviate the issues.
  3. Establish A Goal – A with any new life venture, in order to be successful, you have to have a goal in mind. Whether it be losing the winter weight, increasing strength, or training for that 5K, a goal is instrumental to enjoying success at a gym. Many gyms have established routines with their machines and free weights to help their customers achieve whatever goal they set out to accomplish. Again, ask the staff or even your fellow gym members on ways to going about starting a balanced and positive gym routine.
  4. Stick With It – However modest your fitness goals may be they can not be achieved unless you are true to yourself. Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t keep up with a 2 or 3 day gym routine. If you don’t believe you don’t have the time (you do) to keep up with a gym schedule, make your plan a reasonable one. 20 minutes on a treadmill consistently is far better than a sporadic 45 minute jog now and then. Volumes and volumes of research on exercise has been done, but most research agree that consistency is the most important aspect to achieving fitness success. Also, the intensity you put into your workouts ultimately decide what you get out of them. Reach for Intensity!
  5. Control Your Breathing and Hydrate! – As with any tip in regards to exercise, drinking enough water and staying hydrated cannot be emphasized enough. Another sometimes overlooked aspect to exercising is to focus on your breathing. Your breathing should be measured and calm. Avoid shallow breaths for an extended period of time because this can be an indication that you are pushing yourself too hard and are not getting enough oxygen to your body. This can weaken performance and can be a detrimental factor that can discourage someone who is new to exercise. Remember why you’re here in the first place! To want to be better is to be better!

We, at Devigi®, are delivering the apparel that compels you to intensify your workouts. When you look good, you feel good and will have that extra bounce to your step, you will push out the extra set, run the extra mile, hit that extra spinning class. At Devigi® we do not want you to simply do your workout; we want you to Reach for Intensity.